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or email if you have questions. is a secure site. All information submitted to us is done over an encrypted, secure connection to guarantee that your private information is kept safe.


Why does need my credit card for the 7 Day Free Trial?

We ask for your credit card for the following reasons: to insure we're paid if your listing runs for longer than 7 days; and to insure that we’re getting quality listings and accurate data. Your card will not be charged at all until after seven days have passed, and we will send you a reminder email one day before your free trial expires.

What are the steps to selling a car on

Selling a car isn't complicated. Generally speaking there are five steps in the process:
1) Price your car.
2) Create your listing on, which will serve as your website highlighting your car and the fact that it's for sale.
3) Reference your listing on on your car sign.
4) Connect with a buyer.
5) Transfer the title.

Will I be able to sell my own car with help from

Yes, chances are that if you use in conjunction with one of our high visibility signs (available for purchase at your local Walmart), price your car correctly and give the process time to work you will succeed.
By combining our signs with our web presence we will market your car to millions of potential buyers.

How often will I be charged?

You will only be charged once for any program. NEVER automatically rebills your credit card and will never charge you any additional fees after you create your vehicle listing. The service is free to buyers.

How many people will see my ad?

It is impossible for us to know how many people will click on your ad because it depends upon so many variables—make, model, price, location, et cetera.
However the process markets your car to a very wide population of potential buyers. We add your listing to Google, Oodle, Craigslist, Facebook and other websites. This makes your vehicle available to millions of potential buyers. Only offers distribution on this scale.
Also, our site is designed to work in conjunction with our signs, which are an important way to market your car to passersby.
To find a store that sells our yard signs, click here: Retail Locator.

What types of vehicles can be sold on

You can sell any type of vehicle on Generally speaking we specialize in selling passenger vehicles, but we have no prohibition against listing commercial vehicles.

Can I pay for my listing with a check or money order? Can I pay in installments?

No, we only accept credit cards for payment at this time and we aren't able to accept payment in installments.