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I have 1974 F250 with about 72k original miles This is a farm/work truck Transmission slipping in 3rd gear 1st and 2nd seem fine just issue shifting into 3rd It's a 3 speed automatic Needs tune up from where it's been sitting for past 7-9 months I got this off a cpl who only used it to haul hay around the farm and their horse trailer. Used it for about a year for my landscape business and now don't have time or extra funds to repair transmission. Solid running truck and hauler.


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1974 Ford F250

1974 F250 Farm/Work Truck

Listing ID # SC129695
Transmission Type Automatic
Engine Type 8-Cyl.
Drive Type Rear-Wheel Drive
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Green/black
Mileage 72,000
Listing Date 07/17/2017
No. of Doors 2
Condition Needs Work
Car Location Knoxville, TN (Map)

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FOR SALE. This is a White 1974 Ford F250 with Green/black interior, Automatic transmission, Rear-Wheel Drive, and a 8-Cyl. engine. It's in Needs Work condition, with 72,000 miles, and located in Knoxville, TN.
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