For Sale
1998 Ford Escort Stationwagon
1998 Ford Escort- Low mileage and usage. A gem!
SharpCar# 131462
Transmission Type Automatic
Engine Type 4-Cyl.
Drive Type Front-Wheel Drive
Exterior Color Gray
Interior Color Gray
Mileage 54,000
Listing Date 08/06/2020
No. of Doors 4
Condition Good
Car Location Chatham, MA
Contact the Owner
Nelly Hirschhorn
Description I am the first and only owner of that car. No accident. We bought it as a summer car , used it 3 months a year and left it in our garage the rest of the year. Every June, it gets a full servicing and check-up. Never failed the exhaust test required by MA. I have the original owners manual. Its original color is still shiny, as it gets a wax coat every Summer. Its hatchback is very useful. The car is very clean and has been the best!
For Sale
1998 Ford Escort Stationwagon
Power Features

Power Drivers Seat
Power Passengers Seat


Cup Holders


Fog Lights


Air Conditioning
Luggage Rack
Rear Wiper
AM / FM Radio
Cassette Player
Digital Clock
Intermittent Wipers
Vanity Mirror